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Sami Ben Larbi

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Three parts make a hole

For this project, Three parts make a hole, I made a film using a screenplay and production stills as the end product. The story, blending real-life and fictive episodes, is that of three characters all obsessed with film. Perdou, an eighteen year old in 1990´s Paris, France, is a troubled teenager who eventually gets a screen test (for the undisclosed 400 blows). Jean-Pierre, a twenty-five year old actor in the 1960´s, is the lead in Francois Truffaut´s and Tsai Ming-Liang´s movies. As the story progresses Jean-Pierre becomes more and more confused as to which is reality and which is film. Plutarr, a forty-year-old film critic and writer in the 2010´s Los Angeles, is writing an autobiographical screenplay with three characters, all obsessed with film.

This project exists in three forms, as a web project for BLACKBIRD, a book project (Curious Vol II) and a film.