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Sami Ben Larbi

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Reality time four

The installation Reality, Time, Four is constructed to resemble the eyeball and its peripheral vision. The installation includes four different video perspectives of the same environment and transforms viewers into participants. The installation plays with the notion of who is watching whom, who is performing and who is in control of the interaction.

For the show I constructed two rooms and a dressing room. One room is a half circle representing the eyeball, with an LCD screen hanging in the middle of a Chroma key wall. The second room is a pyramid, laid on its side, entered via a dressing room, representing the peripheral vision. The viewer/ participant is invited to don one of two headgear and enter the pyramid shaped room. A LCD inside the headgear shows video of four live feeds sequentially switched every 1/2 second. The first feed acts as a mirror, showing the eyes of the participant in the headgear. The second feed is taken from a camera located at the apex of the pyramid and trained inside the room. The edge of the camera frame matches the edge of the room. The same feed is transmitted to the LCD in the half circle room. The third live feed is taken from the half circle room, the camera trained on the visitors looking at the LCD screen. The fourth feed is a special effect, superimposing the second and third feed. The participant stays three minutes in the pyramid shaped room before the LCD screen turns black. No time limit is given to the audience in the half circle room.