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Sami Ben Larbi

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As it might, could, did happen

The installation takes place on the first floor of an old FDJ (Est german communist party youth organization) boarding room for children of the party's Elite, in Pankow (Berlin). The installation is a recreation of a boarding room as it might have been in the room's previous incarnation. The recreated furniture is made from cardboard and Vinyl sticky roll. Some construction assemblage is visible (hot glue, screws, tape). The furniture is made to come from East German origin, but fake, obviously made of cardboard. It is pretending to be something it is not, both a caricature and a familiar object. The room, bare of any personal information, is either about to be inhabited or was just emptied.

A small book of photographs was also published to go along with the installation. Photos of east German youths doing various activities, most facing away from the camera, remaining anonymous. The last photo, frontal, is that of me impersonating my father, himself impersonating a FDJ pioneer.